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Specializing in manufacturing dinning table slides, irregular heavy tracks and hidden tracks, Jiangdao Hardware Plant also engages in designing and manufacturing slides forming equipment and mold. Formerly it had been an export company equipment manufacturer of slides for foreign brands more than 10 years; products were sold to Europe and America and South East Asia etc. our plant owns a professional, effective and technical team and cooperates with Mr. Fernando. He is a senior Spanish expert in the field of slides, and is appointed as our company's technical general consultant, so our products will be made new breakthroughs and quality will be improved under his guidance. We are the first company to develop right angle forming machine independently, combing domestic and foreign technology and experience as well as solving rough installation problem when customer used, this problem puzzles dinning table slides director and it caused by auxiliary tracks which are unable to reach right angle completely. Furthermore, it helps dinning table slides products get great reform and innovation, slides smoothly without any noise and keep the quality in top level. Our company purpose is "Finding Better Ways". We are looking for better ways all the time and developing better products to meet customers' needs, our core value is "Sincerity and Talents", our spirit is "Struggling with Passion, Practice with Innovation" and our responsibility is "Bringing Quality for Life, Creating Values for Customers".
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